Locked away inside my heart-Rebecca lavelle

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Lagu Favoritku
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One day you thin, it all comes right
One day, believe fate will be kind
But if you wait one day too long
You’ll lose what matters most,
it will be gone


Oh, some are brave, but I’m not one of them
Oh, some speak up, but I have no voice
I want to dance, I want to sing for you
But I’m locked away…inside my heart

You could not here what I tried to say
And you could not see what I had to give
Why did I wait, why do I always wait?
I want so much but then I freeze

Was the me?
I was invisible
Was that you?
I’ll never know


No need to speak, he’ll just know
No need to ask, he isn’t blind at all


Locked away…inside my heart


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